green mark certification

What do we understand by green mark certification?

The green mark certification is given to those who provide environmentally friendly services. We’ve been seeing how the environment has been used or we can also say it’s been exploited by us, using products which are harmful to the environment. We might not be knowledgeable about products that are available in the market which are environmentally friendly. It is high time for us to use environmentally friendly products because our environment is in danger because of its continuous exploitation that has been done time and again.

This certification scheme was started in 2005 to check the companies whether are working for the environment or not. This scheme was launched majorly to make people understand the value of the environment and make them more environmentally friendly. Now attaining this certificate is a matter of pride and it helps in creating a value for the building two for which it has been provided.

This certification company works in two ways as

  • it will see whether the building is environment friendly or not and,
  • Secondly, if it’s not it will help in making the building environmentally friendly and make them understand and give them knowledge about global increasing global warming and why the environment is necessary for us.


However, in the end, we can see that this certificate has helped a lot in creating awareness about the environment and global warming in the society now there isn’t any place which is not environmentally sustainable as it has been a compulsory thing for the people to create their building environmentally friendly.