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Easton has been the forerunner in composite bats throughout the previous quite a long while and is a 1 in baseball bat surveys. They have emerged with two new 100 percent composite models for 2009:

O The Covertness IMX – Two piece bat, 100 percent composite bat with expanded handle flex. The expanded flex handle remains consistent with the Secrecy bat custom the alleged trampoline impact. The Secrecy IMX comes in two other youth models Power Hitter and LCN11. The main distinction is the length to weight apportion.

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O The Collaboration IMX – One piece bat, 100 percent composite bat with a firm handle. Easton added firm handles last year to battle Louisville, as they have generally pushed the benefits of solid handle bats. Easton is attempting to encompass Louisville with this model. They have generally had the two piece plan while Louisville did not; presently they’re going after them head on with a one piece firm handle plan.

Two superb 100 percent composite bat choices for the accomplished player. The fundamental distinction from last year’s models is that the solid handle configuration is a one piece this year. Intriguing considering most went with the firm handle plan the most recent two years.  It is essentially an individual decision. On the off chance that you need a 100 percent composite bat with the most recent innovation this is your bat.

Easton offers these crossover composite handle or amalgam barrel models for 2009:

O SV12: two piece bat, a 100 percent composite handle with a 100 percent combination barrel. Significantly more handle flex than the Covertness IMX. Assuming the cost for this is remotely close to the IMX take the IMX. The composite barrel will give you a bigger hitting region for basically a similar cost.

O V12: One piece bat, 100 percent amalgam bat. The stiffest handle Easton makes. This ought to be the most reduced valued of the new Easton bats. However, incredibly it is not. Same cost as the SV12. This should contend with the Louisville Exogrid. Both are profoundly valued for 100 percent composite bats; take the Exogrid on the off chance that you should have an expensive combination bat.

Easton’s 100 percent composite bats:

O Covertness CNT – Two pieces, 100 percent compound bat with either a flex or firm handle they have different model numbers and come in various varieties. This was Easton’s meat and potatoes for a long time.  It is presently being pushed to the side as they center on composite or crossover bats. Subsequently, the cost for the Secrecy CNT has been diminished. This bat contended no holds barred with the Louisville Exogrid for a couple of years, yet the cost for the Exogrid has not been diminished. In the event that you need a 100 percent combination bat, THIS IS all there is to it.

O Easton makes a few different models, for example, Titan, Reflex and Frenzy which are 100 percent composite. The Titan has the fresher composite Sc900, yet the Reflex and Frenzy have 7050 compound which has been around for quite a long time. These are fine for the most youthful players. A secondary school best bbcor bat player would be snickered at in the event that he went to the plate with one of these.