A guide on choosing the right table tennis balls

Table tennis is a friendly sport enjoyed by people of all ages. These games do not require much physical movement and are restricted to a table; instead, look at your technique and skill. The balls used for table tennis are lightweight and are made with a hollow inside to help bounce across the table without any drag or friction. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, here are the common types of balls used by different levels of players to improve their game!

  • Novelty balls

These are bare balls made of standard materials for fun and straightforward use. These can be used by kids for simple playing and are also used for a variety of other purposes too. These balls are not very durable and cannot be used in serious games.

  • Practice balls

These are comparatively softer balls and used by children or beginners interested in learning and developing their skills in table tennis. These balls are also prone to cracks on hard hits like the previous one.

  • One Star

These types of balls are used in schools and clubs. They’re ideally almost the same as professional tennis balls, except they’re slightly softer.

  • Two Star

These are the classic balls that can be used in robots to improve skills and as a substitute for three-star balls in casual practice matches.

  • Three-star

These are the standard high-quality balls authorized by the table tennis federation and are used in matches and tournaments. Serious and seasoned players often use these balls.

With the above types, you can choose the ball you’re looking for based on your level and boost up your skills and the stars of the ball! Basically, you are now in a position to buy table tennis balls.